Taal Volcano

I spent one weekend at the Taal Vista Hotel at a city southwest of  Manila   called Tagaytay.  At the back of the hotel there was a viewing deck that gave me a clear view of the Taal Volcano – the world’s smallest volcano. The conditions were right so I rushed to my room to get my Nikon D3100 and attached my 55-200mm VR lens. I took a couple of shots and checked the effect after every adjustment made on my camera settings until I got this shot. Shutter at 1/250 , Aperture at f/8, ISO 100, focal length at 125mm.

Such an awesome sight. Taal Volcano is located inside the Taal Lake and it is one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines.


About beautifulworldbeyondmylens

A great admirer of God's wonderful creations whose magnificence is amplified by capturing them in still photo.
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2 Responses to Taal Volcano

  1. Rex Raymond says:

    Love the way that iconic crater seems to pop out in the top photo! Lovely collection of Taal photos. Looking forward to more posts!


    • Thank you Sir Rex. This is only the second time that I got a good shot of Taal Volcano. My previous trips to Tagaytay did not give me favorable light conditions, either the sky was clear but the lake was hazy or the sky was cloudy so the details of the volcano were not visible.

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