As the Sun Retires

Shutter Speed1/100 Aperture f/5 ISO400 Focal Length 98mm

After spending almost 7 hours doing interviews and meetings today, I left my office a few minutes before 5:00PM and went to the nearby Robinson’s Mall to buy medicine for my son. I took the chance to look for some items at the department store until I finally decided to drive home at around 6:15PM. Upon hitting the road, I immediately noticed the orange-colored clouds directly in front of me as I drove westward. Since the mall is just a stone’s throw away from where my office is, I made a quick decision to head towards my office’s parking area to give me more room to find a good shooting angle.

Luck was not on my side as I can only see a strip of cloud with pale orange and the trees and the buildings block the awesome clouds that I saw while driving. Frustrated and accepted the loss of opportunity to capture the moment, I drove home feeling sorry. Lo and behold, as I enter the STAR Tollway, I saw just 10 to 20 degrees above the horizon a more attractive orange-colored clouds mixed with the blue skies. That was not visible from the mall and from the office parking lot.

Shutter Speed1/60 Aperture f/4 ISO400 Focal Length 55mm

I immediately pulled over and grabbed my camera and started shooting in low light condition. In a span of 10 minutes, me and my camera witnessed how the cloud formation changed and how quickly it became darker. Contented with what I captured, I started driving but I can’t help looking over my shoulder to see how the colors have changed. After driving for about 1 Kilometer and after clearing the line of trees along the road, I saw another thin layer of clouds that were not lit earlier and now slowly changing its colors too. I pulled over once again and excitedly pulled my camera out and took my final shots before I finally headed home.

Crimson skies never fail to amaze me in this part of the world. In other countries that I’ve been to, sunsets show a shade of purple, yellow and red. As for me, a bright orange sunset would suffice as I finally call it a day.

Shutter Speed 1/160 Aperture f/5.6 ISO 200 Focal length 55mm

Here’s a new photo tip that I have never seen in any professional photography tip.
Photo no. 1 was taken inside my car with my car window open.
Photo nos. 2 and 3 were taken inside my car with the tinted car window closed. The tint on my window acted like a special filter that softened the blue sky and made the orange color brighter. Try the effects of your own car tint and enjoy shooting.


About beautifulworldbeyondmylens

A great admirer of God's wonderful creations whose magnificence is amplified by capturing them in still photo.
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