About Me

I am Arnold Capuloy from the Philippines. I am a great admirer of God’s beautiful creations whose magnificence is best captured in still pictures using my Digital Single Lens Reflex camera or my Point and Shoot camera.

I started using an SLR Camera when I was 11 years old. My Dad received a Petri FT II SLR from his sister and he became interested in learning the basics of photography. He got a film enlarger from a friend and made a darkroom at our basement. He learned how to develop black and white films and got in love with his new hobby. I started to appreciate what he was doing and started asking questions about the camera and film developing processes until I found myself shooting at events especially during the summer “Flores de Mayo” festival. My dad bought a new SLR camera, Pentax K1000, and that gave us more time to shoot together. Sometimes my Mom also joins the shoots and shares the K1000 with me.

Two years after, my aunt gave my dad a brand new Canon AE-1 Program, the latest Canon model that time and the only camera model that features an electronic metering system. My interest in photography grew deeper and it has become a family hobby. Soon came the latest addition to our tech toys, a Panasonic VHS Camera. I studied video editing by myself and sooner we ventured into wedding photo and video coverage. That practically occupied our weekends until we covered almost all kinds of events including birthday party, baptism, funeral, etc.

I still had the Canon AE-1 Program with me while I was a cadet at the country’s premiere military academy and took more shots with it as a photojournalist in my college’s school paper.

With the entry of Digital Photography, I cannot afford a brand new DSLR camera so I settled for a 3.2MP Canon A410 point and shoot camera. But my affair with that camera was short lived because my daughter left it in a park while we were having a weekend bonding. That was replaced by a 7.1MP Canon Powershot SD750 given to me by my sister. It became my trusted travelling buddy in all my travels abroad and it never let me down. I had it with me in the hottest days in Indonesia and Cambodia and captured the moments in chilling France and Italy even in the freezing weather of Canada.

Recently, I purchased a Nikon D3100 with AF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR, and AF-S 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED VR. Now my daughter shares the passion for photography with me. The love for photography has been passed on to another generation. Teaching my daughter first on the basics of photography, she easily left the AUTO mode and started shooting using Aperture Priority mode and Manual settings. I admit that my daughter takes better pictures not because she knows the basics but because she has an eye for creating a good composition. Now, she uses the Canon SD750 while my son has his own Pentax Digital Camera. There’s a sudden flashback of how I got interested in photography almost 3 decades ago.


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